Worm castings are a magnificent soil amendment and growth stimulator for seeding, transplants, and established plants. We sell them at the Farmer’s Market already packaged in 3 sizes; small (1 quart) for $5, medium (1 gallon) for $9, and 2 1/2 gallons for $18. For larger quantities, let us know what you need for Sunday delivery.



We sell a worm composting bin for $55 that is designed for household use. It includes the following:¬† bedding made out of coconut fiber and composted horse manure; a pre-drilled 10-gallon plastic bin with top; approx. 1 pound¬† of red wiggler worms; a bag of shredded paper; an instructional pamphlet; and a 1-hour follow-up visit with Linda and/or Doug for a bin tune-up or to help with your first harvest of castings. We’re always available on the web or by phone for questions about your worm systems.


Red wigglers


We sell composting worms for $25 per pound. You’ll get a bag of all sizes of worms as well as cocoons. Please order your worms by Sunday for delivery at the Farmer’s Market the following Sunday. For orders over 5 pounds, please order by Friday noon for delivery a week from the following Sunday.